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Nakashi Reira
中四 レイラ
Nakashi Reira
SeasonTwinkle Time! Pretty Cure
Birthday Date26 August
Hair Colorlight brown (Reira)

Yellow/blonde (Cure Beam)

Eye Colormagenta (Reira)

Pink (Cure Beam)

Home PlaceHachinaka
RelativesNakashi Tomoko (mum)

Nakashi Takeru (brother)

First AppearanceTTPC01
Cure Beam
Theme Colorpink (main)

Green (sub)

Nakashi Reira (中四 レイラ nakashi reira) is the lead cure of Twinkle Time! Pretty Cure. She is a sporty girl who hates homework and assignments. She is very popular in her class, mostly because she always talks or falls asleep in class. Reira is in her second year of middle school.



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