Mystery Pretty Cure! is Starmix03's 13th fanseries. It has a dual theme of Detectives and Egyptian Mythology. It replaces Trump Pretty Cure! in it's initial timeslot.


The Nazokage Sisters, Yukue and Himitsu are detectives of their city. They can easily crack codes and close cases fastly. One day, they went to Egypt to find the mystery of King Tut's death. But inside the tomb, 2 mysterious fairies showed up. And they also met mummies! The twins must transform into Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cures

Nazokage Yukue/Cure Pharaoh (謎影 行方/キュアファラオ Nazokage Yukue/Kyua Farao?)
Yukue is Himitsu's older sister. She goes to Egypt with her sister for a mystery quest. She loves to eat cheesecake and pizza. She may be immature sometimes, but she has a strong sense of justice. Her alter ego is Cure Pharaoh (キュアファラオ Kyua Farao?) and her power is fire and lightning.

Nazokage Himitsu/Cure Anubis (謎影 秘密/キュアアヌビス Nazokage Himitsu/Kyua Anubisu?)
Himitsu is younger than Yukue, but she is a serious and mature girl. She and her sister went to Egypt for a mystery quest. She loves to read about science and geography. Her alter ego is Cure Anubis (キュアアヌビス Kyua Anubisu?) and her power is water and earth.


Mystery (ミステリー Misuterī?)
Yukue's partner. She loves to eat chocolate cake and fights with Yukue over which flavor of cake.

Shadow (シャドウ Shadou?)
Himitsu's partner. She is a gothic fairy who is quiet.

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