Music Rondo Final Wave is the combination attack of Suite Pretty Cure's Music Rondo and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's Final Wave. It is used by Cure Melody and Gokai Red in Super Hero All Stars.


First, Cure Melody and Gokai Red threw their Miracle Belltier and Gokai Saber ino the air while calling out their names. Gokai Red had an idea to rename the Belltier into 'Miracle Gokai Belltier'. Instead of having a musical background, the background was the background used in Final Wave. Gokai Red calls Miry to go in the Belltier and he shouts out the Tone Ring, then he releases the energy.

Then, Melody's Module glows and something came out of it, a Cure Melody Ranger Key (which happened to be a merchandise in real life). Melody sets the Ranger Key into the Saber then the narrator shouts out "Final Wave!!". Melody soon releases the energy out.

Now, both energies had been created, Melody asks if Gokai Red is ready. Then, they both say "Pretty Cure Gokai Music Rondo!" Then the 2 powers released and aimed the Jikochuu. Then they shout out "Final Wave!" And the Jikochuu is purified.



Cure Melody: マーベラス!
Gokai Red: 響!

Gokai Red: 奏でましょう, 海賊のメロディ! ミラクルゴーカイベルテイエ!
Gokai Red: おいで, ミリー!
Miry: ミミー!
Gokai Red: 翔けめぐれ, トーンのリング! ゴーカイミュジックロンド!

Narrator: フアイナルウエイブ!!!

Cure Melody: いくよ!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: プリキュアゴーカイミュジックロンド!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: フアイナルウエイブ!!!


Cure Melody: Māberasu!
Gokai Red: Hibiki!

Gokai Red: Kanademashou, Kaizoku no Merodi! Mirakuru Gokai Berutie!
Gokai Red: Oide, Miri!
Miry: Mimi!
Gokai Red: Kakemegure, Tōn no Ringu! Gokai Myujikku Rondo!

Narrator: Fainaru Ueibu!!!

Cure Melody: Ikuyo!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: Purikyua Gokai Myujikku Rondo!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: Fainaru Ueibu!!!


Cure Melody: Marvelous!
Gokai Red: Hibiki!

Gokai Red: Let's Play, Pirate Melody! Miracle Gokai Belltier!
Gokai Red: Come here, Miry!
Miry: Mimi!
Gokai Red: Come out, Tone Ring! Gokai Music Rondo!

Narrator: Final Wave!!!

Cure Melody: Let's do this!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: Pretty Cure Gokai Music Rondo!
Cure Melody+Gokai Red: Final Wave!!!


  • The insert song used for this attack is The Miracle Belltier's Music Rondo theme.
  • Somehow, the backgrounds used in both attacks had been switched; Final Wave's background became the Music Rondo background, and Music Rondo's background is Final Wave's background. In the finishing touch, the background combined, space, with musical notes and signs all over.

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