Murasaki Aki
紫 アキ
Murasaki Aki
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorDark Purple
Home PlaceMelody Land (formerly)
Alter EgoCure Piano
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonMelodia Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceMPC24

Murasaki Aki (紫 アキ Murasaki Aki?) is the last Cure of Melodia Pretty Cure♪ and a mysterious person. She first became a Cure at Episode 24. Her alter ego is Cure Piano (キュアピアノ Kyua Piano?).


Aki was described as mysterious when Uta, Anna and Yuki first met her. She was a transfer student, a year younger than the rest. She is always seen quiet, and hardly ever talks, making it hard for her to make friends. It was later revealed that she was from Melody Land. After becoming a Cure, her personality showed a change, and she became friendlier and more outgoing.


Transferring Schools

A new student, Murasaki Aki, transferred into Uta, Anna and Yuki's school. Aki was a year younger than the rest, and is seen quiet and hardly ever talks, making her a loner. She later met the trio in the hallway, stating she knew their secrets. The trio were shocked, asking who she is. She introduced herself as Murasaki Aki and said she was originally from Melody Land, much to Nara, Maple and Oto's surprise. She revealed that she was actually a Cure, who didn't use a Melody Commune, which means she didn't have a partner. Yuki asked where she lived, and Aki stated with Mr. and Mrs. Murasaki, her foster parents. She first transformed in front of Uta, Anna and Yuki at Episode 24, also her first appearance.


Murasaki (紫) means "purple", obviously stating to the fact that her theme color is purple.

Aki (アキ) can also mean "autumn" (秋). Aki was named "Aki" for unknown reasons.


Ongaku Uta - Aki formed a bond with Uta after joining the team.

Aina - Aki seems to have a rivalry with Aina, for betraying Melody Land, although it was not exactly Aina's fault.


  • Aki is one of the Cures to have originated from another place.

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