Moriyo Marishiro
Personal Information
Hair ColorBright Green (Cure Forest)

Dark Green (Mori)

Eye ColorBright Green (Cure Forest)

Turquoise (Mori)

RelativesSister (older), Mother, Father, Cousins
Alter EgoCure Emerald
SymbolEmerald Gemstone
Anime Information

Mori Marishiro appears as a tomboy and plays enough sports to have every team clamoring for her to join them, but has always time for her family and friends. Her parents run a flower shop she helps in sometimes. Her alter ego is Cure Forest.

Like Rin Natsuki, Nao Midorikawa and Akane Hino she is a tomboy acting tuff and challenging, tuff, strong, brave girl and bit like Nagisa Misumi saying the catchpharse "I cannot believe this!!" It may be the same catchpharse but it's a different word "cannot" used not "can't".

Whenever she lost a match she realzed losing is important part of the challenge and she starts practicing to try try again. After she try again she wins and already knows the meaning of "practice makes ...perfect or master" She got this teaching catchparse from one of her teachers.


  • She shares similarities with Midorikawa Nao Cure March from Smile Pretty Cure
  • Both are tomboys.
  • They have the green as their theme color, including having green hair and eyes.
  • Both have at least a sibling.
  • Both have a Blue Cure as their respective best friend, Addie and Reika

  • She shares similarities with Rin Natsuki from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and GoGo.
  • Both are tomboys.
  • They do sports like football, basketball and other sports.
  • Her parents run a flower shop. 
  • Like Akimoto Komachi from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and GoGo Mori got an older sister.
  • I experimented the character's names like Mori, Mariko.