Moonlight Pretty Cure

This is list of MoonlightTruth's fanmade series Moonlight Pretty Cure.


1. The greatest rivals. Cure Ying and Yang birth.

2. We? Partners? You are joking, right?

3. Taking care of Aiko is really hard.

4. Nagisa and Akane swimming contest.

5. Our powers together are....?

6. The truth about Nagisa and Akane friendship.

7. The relay of heart. We are working together again?

8. Maylin appear! Wait who is this?

9. No I'm not going to become Pretty Cure.

10. Finnaly Cure June joins the team.

11. Baby in trouble! Aiko ran away!

12. The mysterius Pretty Cure appear!

13. Search for Cure in mask. Who is she?

14. The mysterius transfer student Sakura.

15. Yurika and her precious key.

16. Nagisa and Sakura. What is friendship?

17. Aiko is sick. Ombre and her mission.

18. The truth of heart. Sakura is acting strange.

19. It can't be true! I can't believe this!

20. Tell me it's a lie! Sakura and Ombre.

21. Ying vs Ombre. The birth of Cure Amber.

22. Sakura's and Lulu's story. I can't become Pretty Cure!

23. The day at the beach. Sea, swimming competiton and... Lightanna?

24. Ombre, Sakura and Cure Amber. 

25. Searching for Golden crystal in the LightLand forest.

26. The secrets of golden crystal. 

27. How can we use a crystal? Pretty Cure special camp.

28. Pretty Cure new powers. 

29. Keiko and Sakura. It's been a very long time.

30. Mysterius Cure in Mask, please join us!

31. Her true name is Cure Lily - lun.

32. Shoking truth. Cure Lily's true form.

33. Keiko's story. Cure Lily is real Cure again.

34. Five Cures finnaly together. 

35. Moonlight Flower, the symbol of light. 

36. Fairies in danger. We have to protect them!

37. Pretty Cure big fight. Aiko-chan in danger.

38. Save Aiko-chan! Pretty Cure dangerous misson. 

39. Everyone hearts as one. Pretty Cure new powers.

40. The birthday of sumprises. Nagisa's and Akane's promise.

41.  The time stoped. Is tomorrow coming?

42.  Aiko turned in human baby? I can't believe this!

43.  Sakura and Lulun. I'm going to protect you!

44. Akane and Arlon's big fight. The true feeling of heart.

45. Arise is sick. Nagisa is worried.

46. Keiko and Alun. I'm ok, no you are not!

47. Yurika and Student Council work. Maylin is worried.

48. New Powers, Golden Crystal, Aiko's powers and everyone's heart as one = new powers?

49. Give it back. The stolen Golden Crystal.

50. The final battle starts. Pretty Cure vs DarkSad.

51. No way! The Moonlight Flower location is found!

52. Protect the Moonlight Flower. Pretty Cure hardest battle.

53. Is everything over? We can't give up!

54. We are always going to be together in our hearts.

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