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Moonlight Beam (ムーンライトビーム Mūnraito Bīmu?) is the Kurokokoro purification attack performed by Cure Moonlight Mirage first used in episode 21 of Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. She must summon her Mirage Baton to perform this attack.


Cure Moonlight Mirage first summons her Mirage Baton. While facing the Kurokokoro that will be purified, she spins the baton quickly while shouting her incantation. A beam shoots down on the Kurokokoro and it is purified.



Cure Moonlight Mirage: ムーンライトビーム!


Cure Moonlight Mirage: Mūnraito Bīmu!


Cure Moonlight Mirage: Moonlight Beam!


  • Like the other solo attacks in this season, "Pretty Cure" is not said in the incantations.
  • This attack was not only used on a Kurokokoro, but was also used to defeat her dark counterpart, Kuro Moonlight Mirage.

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