Moon Beam
ムーン ビーム
Mūn Bīmu
Personal Information
Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceMiracle Land
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
First AppearancePCPP01
Moon Beam (ムーン ビーム Mūn Bīmu) is a bunny-like mascot who is good friends with Hikari.


Moon Beam is a gentle and cheerful and hates arguing with people. She loves to figure out puzzles and misses life back at Miracle Land, even getting homesick in one episode. She worries a lot for her mascot partners and looks after Wonder whenever Aguri can't.



Wonder - Moon beam is like a mother to him. She is always looking after him when Aguri is away and hates it when Wonder does something naughty.

Konomi Hoshikuzu - Konomi is Moon Beam's Pretty Cure partner.


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