Moon Beam
ムーン ビーム
Mūn Bīmu
Personal Information
Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceMiracle Land
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
First AppearancePCPP01
Moon Beam (ムーン ビーム Mūn Bīmu) is a bunny-like mascot who is good friends with Hikari.


Moon Beam is a gentle and cheerful and hates arguing with people. She loves to figure out puzzles and misses life back at Miracle Land, even getting homesick in one episode. She worries a lot for her mascot partners and looks after Wonder whenever Aguri can't.



Wonder - Moon beam is like a mother to him. She is always looking after him when Aguri is away and hates it when Wonder does something naughty.

Konomi Hoshikuzu - Konomi is Moon Beam's Pretty Cure partner.


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