Month Pretty Cure is one of MoonlightTruth's fanmade series. It's theme are months. 


In the Year Kingdom, everyone always lived in peace. Queen Vanilla was one of the best queens ever. On day the No Time land attacked the Year Kingdom because they were searching for Rainbow Crystal. Queen and Cure December tried to protect the kingdom, but they couldn't. Queen sent Cure December and faires to find other Cures. 


Pretty Cure

Ainokawa Sora/Cure May - Sora is 14 years old girl. She is great at cooking and at sports, but not very good at studying. Her Cure form is Cure May, and she can control nature. Her Birthday is on 21th May. 

Minzuki Noriko/Cure September -

Mai Natsuki/Cure July -

Aino Nana/Cure April -

Raiko Hina/Cure August -

Kokoro Ran/Cure December -

Ruika Haruko/Cure October -

Keichiro Hana/Cure March - 

Ririate Akira/Cure January - 

Midoriko Aimi/Cure November -

Brown Asuka/Cure February -

Riate Aoi/Cure June - 

More coming soon...

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