Momozono Aira is a thirteen year old freshman at Yume no Kurōbā Junior High School in the series Fresh Clovers Pretty Cure!


Aira is a first year at Yume no Kurōbā Junior High School and is a huge fan of Mikomi Aono. She is shy and cheerful and likes dancing. She joins the dance club with Misao, and is so happy when she finds that Mikomi is in the club too. She has a fear of heights, darkness and storms, meaning when there was a blackout in episode 17, she screams until someone gets a torch.

As Cure Raspberry, her personality changes a tiny bit. She is not afraid to take down East and sort of always attacks him instead of the other three. She is also not afraid to jump of a cliff, which freaks out Cure Lemon in episode 36. She is also the strongest out of the five and in episode 30 to 45, she uses all her strength to bring Rumi back from Labyrinth to her.



Aira looks a lot like her mother when she was fourteen, but she wears her hair out with a side ponytail on the left side of her head with the rest down.

As Cure Raspberry she looks exactly like Cure Peach but with shorter pig tails.


Cure Raspberry

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