Miza Shukhia
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlonde (Miza)

Gold (Cure Light)

Eye ColorYellow
Theme ColorYellow (Main)

Gold (Sub)

Anime Information

Miza is the sixth Precure warrior of the Mystic Element Pretty Cure and her alter ego is Cure Light and her element is light sun and stars.


  • Miza another yellow themed precure with gold or orange subs followed by Cure Lemonade, Cure Pine, Cure Sunshine, Cure Muse (Precure form), Cure Peace and Now Cure Rosetta even she got green subs.
  • Miza is another precure warrior with the element of light followed by Shiny Luminous, Cure Happy.
  • Miza got yellow eyes followed by Shiny Luminous, Cure Lemonade, Cure Pine, Cure Sunshine, Cure Beat (even she's a blue lead cure), Cure Peace and now Cure Rosetta
  • She might be from the Garden of Light Kingdom.
  • Unlike some Pretty Cure's who are extra warriors she got an surnname. 
  • I'm experimenting her Pretty Cure design to have a Star motif (Before Cure Twinkle from Go! Princess). But this is the second time having a Pretty Cure warrior with Stars. I'm also thinking of giving her a Sun motif. 
  • I'm experimenting her hairstyle to be simialr to other Precure's and Magical Girls. 
  • Her element is Light, the same powers like  Shiny Luminous,Cure Sunshine and Cure Dream. 

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