Miyama Ayumi
Miyama Ayumi

Ayumi Miyama

Ayumi Miyama
Personal Information
Hair ColorRed (Ayumi)

Light Red (Cure Rose

Eye ColorPurple (Ayumi)

red (Cure Rose)

Home PlaceKyoto, Japan <\br> Kibougahana
RelativesMiyama Shion (mother)

Miyama Himuro (father) Miyama Daichi (older brother)

Alter EgoCure Rose
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonBloom Heartcatch Precure!
First AppearanceBHPC01

'Miyama Ayumi is the new cure in Bloom Heartcatch Precure!. She lives in a Miyama Villa with her bulter and maid. She always say "Don't talk to me, if it was not important!".

Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Rose (キュアローズKyua Rozu?).


She have a long red hair and purple eyes.She is also the daughter of a large conglomerate .But, she always alone beacuse her parents and brother are busy work.


She is a cold and cool girl, she don't like talking to people,Ayumi also don't want to be precure. She very like butterfly and rose flower.


Hanasaki Tsubomi- she and Tsubm become close friend after Ayumi become cure dark rose

Miyama Shion- her mother

Miyama Himuro- her father

Miyama Daichi- Ayumi and Daichi when meet always fighting, and made they father angry.


Cure Rose Transformation different with the other cures, she transformation use Heart Phone, she shout out " Precure, Heart Lock on! " the she use a lipstick and in heart phone appear 3 circles with different colors that is blue, red, and pink. And the lipstick is like skip that 3 circles from blue, red, and pink. Then, then emerged a light and then ayumi transform into cure rose.

Cure Rose

"The flower that protects with all its heart!, Cure Rose! "
"Sono subete no kokoro o mamori hana!, Kyuarōzu!"

Cure Rose! (キュアローズ! Kyua Rozu?) is the Ayumi's Pretty Cure alter ego.Ayumi transforms by saying Pretty Cure! Heart Lock On!.

Cure Dark Rose

"A Lost Butterfly from Rose Garden, Cure Dark Rose!"
バラ園から失われた蝶, キュアダークローズ!"
"Barasono kara ushinawa reta chō, kyuadākurōzu! "


Rose Shield- a defenese attack

Rose Shower- a first Cure Rose attack

Rose Spiral- a second Cure Rose Attack

Rose Bouquet- a four cure rose attack.

Million Rose of Passion- the last cure rose attack


  • she is the first cure that become dark cure with her own cure ego.
  • her personality is similiar with Sono Chieri from AKB0048


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