Mitsuda Yuuka
光田 優花
Mitsuda Yūka
Personal Information
Birthday Date27 September, 1999
Hair ColorDark Pink
Blonde (Cure Light)
Eye ColorMagenta
Pink (Cure Light)
Home PlaceLucky Town
RelativesRikana (older sister)
Mitsuda Rena (adopted cousin)
King Lie (father)
Alter EgoCure Light
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceShPC01

Mitsuda Yuuka  (光田 優花 Mitsuda Yūka) is the lead Cure of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She is clumsy, but kind-hearted. Her Cure form is Cure Light (キュアライト Kyua Raito).


Yuuka has dark pink shoulder length hair with a little curls at the ends and light pink clips. She wears a long sleeved shirt that reaches to her palms, but below her fingers with light purple and white stripes. She wears a dark pink jacket with puffy sleeves, light brown puffy shorts and brown boots.

In her Cure form, her eyes turn pink and her hair turns blonde. She wears a whole piece of dress, with some thin lines and a dark pink ribbon at the top middle of the top part of her costume. Her skirt is filled with frills and feathers, and she wears white boots with pink ribbons.


Yuuka is a clumsy, kind-hearted, sweet, bright and cheerful person. She can't stand bullies, and people being accused.



Mitsuda (光田) - Mitsu (光) means "sparkling" and Da (田) means "rice paddy".

Yuuka (優花) - Yuu (優) means "tender" or "gentle" and Ka (花) means "flower".

Cure Light

"Overflowing light! Cure Light!"
Afureru hikari! Kyua Raito!

Cure Light  is Yuuka's Cure form. Cure Light is much more stronger, and daring. She is also more serious than Yuuka. She controls the power of light.


Pretty Cure Light Shower  - It is Cure Light's normal attack.

Pretty Cure Light Burst  - It is a power up. Cure Light needs to use the Heart Rod to perform this attack. She can do it alone.

Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection  - It is a group attack, performed with the Shiny Rods.


Shiny Commune  - Yuuka uses this to transform into Cure Light.

Heart Rod  - Weapon used to perform Light Burst and Miracle Reflection.


Family  - Yuuka has a strong bond with her family, especially with her mother.

Himesaki Rei - Although they bicker a lot, they are best friends since childhood.

Himawari Aika - They get along quite well, and Aika is the only one who does not disagree on Yuuka's actions.

Seiji Miho - They are good friends, but they do sometimes fight.



Coming soon...

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