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Mitsu Kyoko
光 京子
Mitsu Kyoko
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown W/Purple streaks
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceLuminous Town
Alter EgoCure Royal
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonMiracle Project Pretty Cure: System REJECT
SeasonMiracle Project Pretty Cure: System REJECT
First AppearanceMPPC01

Mitsu Kyoko (光 京子 Mitsu Kyoko?) is a spoiled, hot-headed, and simple-minded 14-year old. She likes to think of herself as a princess and has a habit of bossing others around without realizing it. Despite being spoiled, Mitsu is very kind and doesn't take anything for granted. Mitsu tends to act before she thinks, which tends to get her into trouble, especially in combat. She is a compulsive shopper with an impressive collection of tiaras and tarot cards (she thinks they are pretty). As Cure Royal, she introduces herself as "The flower with a divine glow, Cure Royal!". Her theme color is purple.





Cure Royal

"The flower with a divine glow! Cure Royal!!"
"天国の輝きとの一輪の花!キュア ロイヤル!"
"Tengoku no kagayaki to no ichirin no hana! Kyua Roiyaru!!"

Cure Royal (キュア ロイヤル Kyua Roiyaru?) is Mitsu's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents command and darkness.



Power Ups


光 (Mitsu) - It means "light".

京子 (kyoko) - It means "Mirror".

Together, her name explains her dark-based powers.



  • Mitsu is the first Pretty Cure to have darkness based powers who wasn't evil. (Dark Precure was the first)


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