Misora Minami
Misora Minami
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 21
Hair ColorOrange (Minami)
Light Orange (Cure Courage)
Eye ColorOrange (Minami)
Blue (Cure Courage)
Home Placecoming soon...
RelativesUnnamed Mother
Unnamed Father (coming soon...)
Kurai (Love interest)
Alter EgoCure Courage
Theme ColorOrange (Minami)
Orange (Main)
White (sub)
Pink (sub)
Anime Information
First AppearanceFSPC 01
Misora Minami (美空みなみ) is the secondary cure of FriendShip Pretty Cure! Her bestfriend is Harumi. She attends the HoshiYuuki All girls school. She plays every sport she can play, and thus joins the soccer club, volleyball club, and badminton club.

Her cure ego is Cure Courage (Kyua Korej) and she gains the power to control the fire element. 


Minami has a boyish personality, she is kind and energetic, she likes sports so much, hence she joined every sport club in her school. She is also very smart, and is the 2nd smartest in her school. She wants to beat the 1st smartest wich is Sachi Ryouko. 


She is one of the childhood friend of Emiko, and is she is her bestfriend. She is the very first friend Emiko made until her memories got erased by Mai-sama. She attends the HoshiYuuki All girls Highschool. Until she met Emiko and her other childhood friends.


Emiko Harumi- Her very first friend. Their relationship is like that of Nozomi and Rin.

Akari Chiyo- She is on of her friends, as well as one of her Pretty Cure team mate.

Satomi Yukino- One of her friends and Pretty Cure team mate.

Sachi Ryouko- One of her friends and Pretty Cure team mate. 

Kurai- Its is hinted that Kurai likes Minami.

Cure Courage


"The courage of ones friend! Cure Courage!"


Mono no yūjin no yūki, Kyua Korej!

Cure Courage is the alter ego of Misora Minami. She is the cure representing courage. Her theme color is orange and she is represented by circles.



  • She also failed her first transformation as she was forced to join and she didn't have the 'right' feelings when she transformed.

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