Misaki Yurika is one of cures from Change! Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Sunflower.

Misaki Yurika
岬 ゆりか
Misaki Yurika
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Yurika)

Orange Blonde (Cure Sunflower)

Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceFlower Town
RelativesMisaki Keia (mother)

Misaki Kataro (father) Misaki Ryuu (older brother)

Alter EgoCure Sunflower
Theme ColorYellow and White
Anime Information
SeasonChange! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceC!PC01


Yurika is friendly girl. She believe in herself and want to become idol. She work very hard for her dream. She cares for her friends a lot. 


Before series started

When Yurika was little girl she always love singers and actorss and knew everything about idols. When she was growing up and saw how hard Momoko was working with her cakes she decided that she will become idol one day.

Begining of the series

In first episode, Yurika went with Rei to Momoko's Cake Party. They were talking about everyday stuff. In second episode she noticed that Momoko is acting strange and become her partner Cure Sunflower. 

Cure Sunflower

Beautiful Sun, Cure Sunflower!


Utsukushī Taiyō Kyua Sanfurawā!



Change Box is Yurika's transformation item.

Flower Key is other part of Yurika's transformation item.


Harukaze Momoko - Momoko is Yurika's childhood friend.

Hinagi Rei - Momoko and Yurika met Rei when they were 6 years old and are great friends since then.

Aika - Like all other cures from the team Yurika cares for Aika very much. 

Misaki Ryuu - Yurika and Ryuu get along very well.


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