Misa Chine is one of the main characters of Ribbon Precure! and Go! Go! Ribbon Precure! Her alter ego is Cure Bow and her power is Water. 



Becoming Cure Bow


Risa Chine- Her younger twin sister. She doesn't mind if Risa keeps on following her around and when she starts going off with Oota she wasn't use to not looking after Risa herself.

Mia Shine- She doesn't trust Mia at all when she becomes Cure String at first, but begins to warm up to her in each episode.

Hiro Takayama- Her childhood friend and still hangs around him at school with the other girls.

Oota Shine- She is jealous of Oota at first because she thinks he stole her sister away from her but she hides that away by teasing them.

Cure Bow

Blue Bow of Water and Sports! Pick a Material, Cure Bow!

Cure Bow is Misa's Precure alter ego. She controls the power of water and her theme color is Blue and Yellow.


Her attack in Ribbon Precure! is Bow Stream!

Her attack in Go! Go! Ribbon Precure! is Impactiing Bow! Her saying in the group attack Quartet Ribbon Smash! is The Bow of Shooting Water, Come Out!



Misa- Her name means Beautiful Sand. It suits her because of her theme color blue which every single blue cure is usually the prettiest of the group.

Chine- I chose this last name for her because she is Risa's twin sister.


  • Misa is the first Blue Cure to be Sporty and not smart.
  • She is also the first to have yellow as her sub.