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Mirror Cures
Personal Information
SeasonNya! Pretty Cure
Age14 (Mirror Kitty, Mirror Fox, Mirror Bunny)

13 (Mirror Blackbird)

Anime Information
First AppearanceNPC40

Mirror Cures (ミラープリキュア Mirāpurikyua) are a group of villains in Nya! Pretty Cure. They are the opposites of the original Nya Cures.


The Mirror Cures appear to be much older than the original Cures. Every Cure wears a midriff-baring outfit, which consist of a gray, sleeveless top with a black, pointed collar and a gray wrinkled skirt, with black belt. Every Mirror wears a gray bracelet on her right arm and a black Armwarmer on her left arm. The armwarmes also has a little Bracelet, which has the theme color of their conterparts. The Mirrors wear black overknies.


Mirror Kitty

Mirror Blackbird

Mirror Fox

Mirror Bunny





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