This is a list of episodes for MirrorCatch Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Aratana tatakai ga hajimaru: Kyuarōzu ga tanjō!
"New battle begins: Cure Rose is born!"
Boyakeru 2015-02-01
The Heart Tree is attacked by a mysterious Cure and is protected by two mascots named Bara and Umi. In a mysterious lab, four girls had test tubes attached to them, and the two girls in pink and blue disappeared. A girl named Fukubara Mayu was happily walking to school, when two mascots who looked  hurt, collasped in front of her. Mayu feeling sorry for them, decides to take a day of school to look after them. While she is looking after them, the mascots reveal to Mayu that their names are Bara and Umi and that they wouldn't mind her help. Mayu says she will do anything to help, when Boyakeru arrived and summoned a Kusabana, which attacks Mayu and the mascots. With the power of flowers, Mayu transforms into Cure Rose and gets ready for the fight to begin.
02 Watashi wa hontōni tsuyoi nodesu ka? Koko de Kyua Ōshan desu!
"I am really that strong? Here is Cure Ocean!"
Boyakeru 2015-02-08
Cure Rose has just defeated her first Kusabana and is told by Bara that she is really strong, but Cure Rose questiobs to herself if she is really that strong. Meanwhile, we see Namiko wake up from her wierd dream of seeing Cure Rose fight. The next day, Mayu doesn't listen to anything in class and draws and herself as Cure Rose with a question mark beside her before getting in trouble by Kotobuki-sensei. On the way home, Mayu asks Umi if she really is strong, and Umi says she is but she would be even stronger with a partner. Mayu than bumps into a pale Namiko who looks ill. Mayu is just about to say sorry, when Boyakeru summons a Kusabana, and Mayu is forced to transform in front of Namiko. Namiko is shocked to see Cure Rose in real life and runs behind a tree. When Cure Rose is tossed towards the tree Namiko is hiding behind, Namiko feels the power of water go through her and she transforms into Cure Ocean, where she defeats the Kusabana with her attack but soon after she faints and Cure Rose catches her and she asks Bara and Umi for help taking her home.
03 Go anshin kudasai! Ishi Mayu hatsu tōjō!
"Please rest! Doctor Mayu's first appearance!"
Boyakeru 2015-02-15
04 Boyakeru 2015-02-22
05 Dark Lily 2015-03-01
06 Dark Lily 2015-03-08
07 Dark Lily 2015-03-15
08 Boyakeru
Dark Lily
09 Boyakeru 2015-03-29
10 Boyakeru 2015-04-05
11 Boyakeru 2015-04-12
12 Boyakeru
Dark Lily
13 Boyakeru
Dark Lily
14 Dark Lily 2015-05-10
15 Bara no tatakai! Koko Kurai Rōzu desu!
"Battle of the rose! Here is Kurai Rose!"
Kurai Rose 2015-05-17
16 2015-05-24
17 2015-05-31
18 2015-06-07
19 2015-06-21
20 2015-06-28
21 2015-07-05
22 2015-07-12
23 2015-07-19
24 2015-07-26
25 2015-08-02
26 2015-08-09
27 2015-08-16
28 2015-08-23
29 2015-08-30
30 2015-09-06
31 2015-09-13
32 2015-09-20
33 2015-09-27
34 2015-10-04
35 2015-10-11
36 2015-10-18
37 2015-10-25
38 2015-11-01
39 2015-11-08
40 2015-11-15
41 2015-11-22
42 2015-12-06
43 2015-12-13
44 2015-12-20
45 2016-01-03
46 2016-01-10
47 2016-01-17
48 2016-01-24
49 2016-01-31