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Miracle Pretty Cure! is Cure Believe's new series, which is also the first duo Cure season since Splash Star.


It hasn't been too long since Tsubomi and Ippin first met. There is a flower garden project at school, and little do they know about what is happening to the Kiseki Land. They soon meet two mascots who were sent to find the Pretty Cure that will save their land, and before the girls know it, they have become Cure Miracle and Cure Fortune! It's up to them to save the land before it is completely destroyed.



Kiseki Tsubomi - Tsubomi is a 13-year-old who participates in the school's flower garden project. She is known to bring miracles by being the VIP to the project. Her alter ego is Cure Miracle.

Kōun Ippin - Ippin is Tsubomi's friend, but she doesn't participate very much in the project, but she has a huge sportsmanship. She is known for playing baseball. Her alter ego is Cure Fortune.






  • Miracle Pretty Cure! is the second season with a Cure's civilian name being Tsubomi.
  • Miracle Pretty Cure! is the first season with a Cure name in the season's name ; Cure Miracle is the Cure name for Tsubomi.
  • By coincidence, the name of the land, Kiseki Land, has Kiseki Tsubomi's surname in there.
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