Miracle Heart! Pretty Cure
Mirakuru Hatto! Purikyua
General Information
DirectorCure Coco
Series Info
PredecessorRainbow! Pretty Cure
Miracle Heart! Pretty Cure (ミラクルハート!プリキュア Mirakuru Hatto! Purikyua?) is the second fananime made from Cure Coco. It has the same Cures from the season, Rainbow! Pretty Cure.


Since, the last season, Rainbow! Pretty Cure, the Cures gave their power and colors to save the kingdom, the Kingdom was rescued, their powers had been turned into the Rainbow Heart Jewel. Now after some years it got taken from its place and Rainbow Kingdom. Everyone in the kingdom was terrified by it, because if the Jewel was taken by Villains, the world would become gray, and now it is the same job for, Kora to find the Cures again and to get back the jewel before it makes the world...grey. But would their powers be weak while fighting for the Jewel?


Pretty Cures

Akane Akari (あかねあかり?) / Cure Red (赤を治す Kyua Reddu?)
Akari the main Cure in the season. She has a bright spirit and work hard to get things done. She attends the Shiki High School. Her name means "Deep Red Light".

Tachibana Chou (橘蝶) / Cure Orange (オレンジを治す Kyua Orenji)
Chou is Akari's friend since first grade, they both attend to the same school. She has a boyish personality but cares about her friends. Her name means "Wild Orange Butterfly".

Kise Maemi (黄瀬) / Cure Yellow (イエローを治す Kyua Yerou)
Maemi attends the same school as Akari and Chou. She is shy but tries her best at helping her friends. Her name means "Yellow Smile".

Ki Midori (キみどり) / Cure Green (グリーンを治す Kyua Gurin)
Midori has a special bond with Aoi. She has a passion for nature, which makes her soft and caring at her friends. She attends to another school, Toshima Private High School. Her name means "Green Tree".

Mizu Aoi (みずあおい) / Cure Blue (ブルーを治す Kyua Buru)
Aoi is Midori's best friend. She has a motivated power, her smile gives her friends power. She attends the same school as Midori. Her name means "Blue Water".


Kora (高良)
Kora has a white fur with blue eyes, she has the form of a cat. She ends her sentences like, "~Koro".


Kurokage (黒影)
Kurokages are shadow monsters summoned by the energy of color. They steal people's colors making the people in grey and in stone. Its name means, "Dark Shadow".



  • Pretty Cure isn't made by me or owned, Toei Animation owns it. I just made my own fan show.

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