Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Kudou Mayu  ?  ?  ? 1:25 (TV)

3:20 (Full)

Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 ~∞Mugen no Kizuna∞~

Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Vocal Album 2 ~Egao no Kiseki~ Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Vocal Best!

Minna Mix!Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure! (みんなミックス!レインボーハートプリキュア Minna mikusu!Reinbo Haato Purikyuaa, Everyone Mix! Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure!) is the opening for Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure.


The cures feet are shown running in a grass field.Then,It shows the cures running full body,then they jump and the logo shows up. Aida is eating dorayaki on the roof, then Hinata's soccer ball slams her face. Hinata is shown laughing on the field. Pikako is reading a book about poems while walking, then she sees Hanako planting some flowers in her garden and Izumi reading a book next to her. Meanwhile, Kasuko is drinking tea while listening to Symphonique plays her PanFlute. The Rainbow Stones are shown,then they become the Rainbow Palettes, and fall into the cures hands. A silloutte of Kuroi and Shira is shown, then a Faded Colour Heart appears and turns into a Colourless. The cures one by one open their Palettes, spin the dial then wave their hands. Then they say Pretty Cure,Rainbow Stone Power! together. They are shown performing their attacks one by one,then the Colourless is defeated. Then they hold hands and strike a pose.


Starting from RHPC27, instead of Kuroi and Shira, Smoke is shown with a Faded Colour Heart, and turns it into a Greyful. The part where the cures perform their attacks changed, making them attack with their upgraded attacks with the Cure Blades.

Starting from RHPC36, Mushoku in Symphonique's body and Dawn in her 'human form', joins Smoke and makes a Greyful army.


TV Size Version

Japanese Romaji English

みんな! いっしょに! Let's Go Mix トゥギャザー!

レインボー!ハート!プリキュア, Let's Go!

Min-na! Issho ni! LET'S GO MIX TOUGEZA!

Rei-nbo!Haato!Purikyuaa,LET'S GO!

Everyone!Together!Let's go mix together!

Rain-bow!Heart!Pretty Cure,Let's Go!


黄色の電光, 緑のグラス,と,葵のみ~ず

インジゴの霞, とパープルの音~符

す-べ-て, Let's Go!

Akai no Kokoro,Orenjiiro no Honoo.

Kiiro no Denkou,Midori no Gurasu to, Aoi no Mi~zu.

Injigo no Kasumi,to Paapu-ru no O~npu

Su-be-te,Let's Go!

Red Heart,Orange Flame.

Yellow Lightning,Green Grass,and,Blue Water

Indigo Mist, and Purple Notes

All ,let's go!



Minna no kokoro mamorinuku

Subete no kara~ modosu yo

Ganbatte, Minna no tameni


We'll protect everyones heart 'till the end

We'll restore all colours

We'll work hard for everyone's sake


プリキュア!レインボウ ストーン パワー! Purikyuaa,Reinbo Sutoon Pawaa! Pretty Cure,Rainbow Stone Power!

レッド!オレンジ! イェロウ! グリーン!ブルー!インジゴ!パープル! Mix On!

レインボー!ハート!プリキュア, Let's Go!

Reddo! Orenji! Ierou! Guriin!

Buruu!Injigo!Paparu!MIX ON! Rein-bo!Haato!Purikyuaa,LET'S GO!

Red! Orange! Yellow! Green!

Blue! Indigo! Purple! MIX ON!

Rain-bow!Heart!Pretty Cure, Let's Go!

Full Version

Coming Soon...


  • This is the first song Curewolfy11 wrote in this wiki

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