Minami Kenzaki
[[Image:Minami Kenzaki1|300px]]
Kenzaki Minami
Personal Information
Birthday DateJanuary 2
Hair Colorred-brown (Minami)

Red (Cure Lucky)

Eye ColorPurple (Minami)

Red (Cure Lucky)

Home PlaceJewel Town
Alter EgoCure Lucky
Theme ColorRed (main)

pink and white(sub)

Anime Information
SeasonHappiness Shine Precure!
First AppearanceHSPC01

Minami Kenzaki (剣崎みなみ Kenzaki Minami?) is one of the main cures from Happiness Shine Precure!. A 15 years old girl with happy go lucky personality. She is often seen smiling and rarely sad. She likes Ran Suzukawa (does not mean she's is a Yuri) and keep trying so that Ran would become his partner as Cures. Minami knowns as Mina-Chan at her school.

Her catchphrase is Happy Lucky!, Her alter ego is Cure Lucky (キュアラッキー Kyua Rakki?).



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