Midorisawa Ryuko
Midorisawa Ryuko
Midorisawa Ryūkō
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorBrown (Ryuko)

Bright Green (Cure Fashion)

Eye ColorGreen (Ryuko)

Bright Green (Cure Fashion)

Alter EgoCure Fashion
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonLifestyle Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLsPC01
Midorisawa Ryuko is one of the main Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure!. She is really obsessed with fashion, and her alter ego is Cure Fashion (キュアファッション Kyua Fasshon) and her standard signature color is green.


As Midorisawa Ryuko, she has medium straight brown hair with curled ends. She has green eyes.

As Cure Fashion, her hair color turns into light green, and her eyes turns brighter.


Ryuko is really obsessed with fashion, and always keep fashionable wherever and whenever she is. She also ever appeared in magazines as a model.

She is Kirari's bestfriend since they were a child. But unlike Kirari, Ryuko has a very mature personality.

Cure Fashion

"Green! The fourth light of the rainbow, Cure Fashion!"


Gurīn! Niji no dai shi no hikari wa, Kyua Fasshon!

Cure Fashion (キュアファッション Kyua Fasshon) is Cure Ryuko transforms into.


Kohinata Kirari - They are best friend since they were a child, even they have different personality.


Midorisawa (緑沢) - 緑 means "green", while 沢 means "swamp".

Ryuko (流行) - 流行 means "fashion". Separately, 流 means "flow" while 行 means "line".


  • She is the third Cure to has green as theme color


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