Midorikawa Nao
Nao Cure March

nao cure march

緑川 なお
Midorikawa Nao
Personal Information
Hair ColorBright Green (Cure March)

Dark Green (Nao)

Eye ColorBright Green (Cure March)

Dark Green (Nao)

RelativesMidorikawa Tomoko (Mother)
Midorikawa Genji (Father)

Six younger siblings

Alter EgoCure March

Princess March

Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceSPCNG03
Midorikawa Nao (緑川 なお Midorikawa Nao) is one of the main Cures in Smile Pretty Cure!. She is a girl with a strong sense of justice, and has no tolerance for wrongdoers. An older sister- type, While tough, she also has a feminine side, as she loves cute things Her alter ego is Cure March (キュアマーチ Kyua Māchi?).


Out of the 5 girls, Nao is the tallest in terms of height. She has dark green hair worn in a ponytail at the top of her head with a yellow bow and bangs parted down the middle. Her eyes are a dark shade of green. Her casual outfit consists of a 3/4 long-sleeved yellow-green button-down shirt with multiple decorative badges, olive khaki shorts, orange socks and black boots with red laces.


Midorikawa Haru- her younger sister, who also becoming cure march and Haru is the next cure march. As Cure Bright March, Haru is not strong as her older sister , but Nao always teach Hru to be the powerful Cure.

Hino Akane - The two seem to share a close friendship; possibly due to their similar personalities and are often seen together. Because of their similar personalities, they have a rivalry and compete with each other to see which one of them wins.

Aoki Reika - These two are childhood friends and almost seen together. They are on good terms with each other and help each other. They sit next to each other in class. Whenever Nao is scared, she has tendency to cling to Reika.

Cure March

"Courageous, high-spirited, a clean-cut match! Cure March!"
"Yuuki rinrin chokkyu shoubu! Kyua Māchi!"

Cure March (キュアマーチ Kyua Māchi?) is Nao's Pretty Cure alter ego. Cure March holds the power of Wind, which grants her the ability to run at super high speed. Her speedshows when she is attacking, making gust around her punches. She is the fastest out of the 5 Smile! Cures, and can run up and along vertical walls.

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