Message of our 5 lights is opening song for 5 Lights Pretty Cure!


Opening begin with Guardians of Light flying in air and creating logo.

After that it shows Yumeko sleeping and her mother trying to wake her up because it's late. Then it shows Keiko playing basketball with others from girls' basketball team. It shows Rena reading book and after that Ringo eating chocolate. Then it shows Mizuki getting out of car in front of school and looking at other students talking to each other.

Then it shows Era and Ann standing by the sea in their human form and are watching sky. It remainds them of Kingdom of Light and it shows them in their mascot form in Kingdom of Light before it was destroyed. When they were thinking about that suddenly all five girls appear and Era and Ann smiles.

After that it shows Sadness appear in the street and five girls came and use their Star Modules to transform in Pretty Cure. 

More coming soon...






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