Melody Precure! (メロディープリキュア! Merodi Purikyua!) is Cure48 13th fan series. The theme is music.


Pretty Cure

Satomi Mayu- she is the main character of this fan series. She have a bestfriend since they childhood , her bestfriend named Ayase Minami. Her ego is Cure Pop.

Ayase Minami- she is the bestfriend of Mayu. Her ego is cure rock.

Music Town

Poppu- she is Mayu's partner, she is a rabbit like fairy mascot.

Kururu- she is Minami's partner, she is a cat like fairy mascot.

Melody Queen- She is a princess of Music Town.

Bad End Music

Izumi- she is a tomboy girl and she is the first enemy.

Akane- she is a feminine girl and she is the second enemy.

Mikuru- she is a cold and cool girl and she is the third enemy.

Choco- she is a sweet girl and she is the last enemy.

Dark Pop and Dark Rock- they're the dark cures in this fan series. They created by Sarina.

Sarina- she is the leader of Bad End Music.

Fufu- a monster of Bad End Music.


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