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Megumi Shiba
恵 芝
Megumi Shiba
Personal Information
Alter EgoCure Sky
Theme ColorDark blue
Anime Information
SeasonMiracle Project Pretty Cure: System REJECT
SeasonMiracle Project Pretty Cure: System REJECT
First AppearanceMPPC01

Megumi Shiba (恵 芝 Megumi Shiba?) is a shy, kind, and cheerful 14-year old girl. She loves reading and stargazing, and she always knows when any sort of interesting astrological event is going to occur. Megumi finds it difficult to express her thoughts and feeling to other people, so she has a hard time making friends. Anytime she is asked about "space", Megumi gets super excited and will ramble on about it for hours if not stopped. She always wears a pair of usamimi out of her childish belief that it will cause the moon rabbits to visit her and tell her about space. As Cure Sky, she introduces herself as "One who reaches for the stars, Cure Sky!". Her theme color is blue.





Cure Sky



Power Ups


恵 (megumi) - meaning "blessing"



  • Megumi is the first lead Pretty Cure to have a theme color other than pink.
  • Megumi is the first blue lead Pretty Cure.
  • Megumi is the first Pretty Cure to regularly wear animal ears. (Usamimi to be specific)


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