Megami! Pretty Cure
Megami! purikyua
General Information
Created onOctober 2013
Opening SongPretty Cure of Light and Dark
Ending SongMoon And Sun
Series Info
Theme(s)Light and Darkness


PredecessorDouble Sound Pretty Cure ♫
SuccessorSky Pretty Cure

Megami! Pretty Cure! (女神!プリキュア Megami! Purikyua) is FairySina's 10th Pretty Cure Fan Season and last of her first generation. The story is about two girls who have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. The seasons main theme are goddesses and light and darkness.




Teruawa Taiyo (照淡太陽 Teruawa Taiyō)/Cure Amaterasu (キュアサンアマテラス Kyua Amaterasu)
Taiyo is a graceful and nice young person, who tries to help everyone. She is one of the most popular students in her school. She sometimes is related as the "Sunshine Princess". Her alter ego is Cure Amaterasu (キュアサンアマテラス Kyua Amaterasu). Her powers are related to the sun and fire.

Gekko Mizuki (月光美月 Gekkō Arutemisu)/Cure Artemis (キュアアルテミス Kyua Arutemisu)
Mizuki is a quiet and lovely person, who loves the night sky. She is Taiyo's best friend and both are very popular. Mizuki loves to draw, especially to draw the moon. Her alter ego is Cure Artemis (キュアアルテミス Kyua Arutemisu). Her powers are related to the moonlight.

Akatsuki Ake (暁明け Akatsuki Ake) / Cure Eos (キュアエアス Kyua Easu)
Ake is a sporty and always smiling person, who tries to be friend with everyone. She can't handle people, who don't like her and tries to change this. Ake has a big family and loves them all. Her alter ego is Cure Eos (キュアエアス Kyua Easu). Her powers are related to the dawn and stars.

Mitsuki Akari (光姫灯 Mitsuki Akari) / Cure Aigle (キュアエグル Eguru)


Sun (サン San)

Moon (ムーン Mūn)

Luna (ルナ Runa)

Light (ライト Raito)


Yamikara (ヤミカラ Yamikara)
Yamikara is the main villain of this season. He is the master of darkness and is said to be born in its dark valley. His power is based on darkness.

Mayonaka (マヨナカ Mayonaka)
Mayonaka is the enchantress of midnight and was created by Yamikara. She is one of his warriors, who fight against Pretty Cure.

Mangetsu (マンゲツ Mangetsu)
The dark sorcerer of full moon. He was created by Yamikara. He is one of his warriors, who fight against Pretty Cure.

Nisshoku (ニッショク Nisshoku)
A power full magician born in a solar eclipse. She was created by Yamikara and known as a very powerful magician. She is one of his warriors, who fight against Pretty Cure.

Ankokukami (アンコクカミ Ankokukami)

Jinkusu (ジンクス Jinkusu)
Jinkusu are the monsters of this season.



  • Megami Private Middle School (女神私立中学 Megami Shiritsu chūgaku) the girls' school.
  • Jinba (神場 Jinba) the girls' homeplace.


  • Golden Tiara (ゴールデンティアラ Gōruden Tiara) - the girls transform item. Their transformation phrase is Pretty Cure! Golden Action!
  • Selenite Blade (セレナイトブレード Serenaito Burēdo) - Cure Amaterasu's main weapon.
  • Emerald Mirror (エメラルドミラー Emerarudo Mirā) - Cure Artemis's main weapon.
  • Rising Rod (ライジングロッド Raijingu Roddo) - Cure Eos' main weapon.
  • Bright Necklace (ブライトネックレス Buraito Nekkuresu) - Cure Aigle's main weapon.