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Emi Marise
鞠聖 えみ
Marise Emi
Personal Information
Hair ColorBluish black (Emi)

Lavender (Cure Effect)

Eye ColorTeal
Home PlaceDaimaho
Alter EgoCure Effect
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
SeasonLovely M@gic Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLMPC01
Marise Emi (鞠聖 えみ Marise Emi?) is one of the main characters of Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure!. A clumsy and stubborn transfer student, who often involuntarily makes others laugh. Because of her active and realistic personality, she did not immediately realize that Pretty Cure is not a joke. Her alter ego is Cure Effect (キュアエフェクト Kyua Efuekuto?). She is voiced by Nakajima Saki.


Emi has teal eyes and bluish black hair, tied up in a ponytail with a pale pink ribbon.


Emi is an ordinary and clumsy girl and like most of the teenage girls is intersted in boys and likes shopping. The fact, that her classmates often laugh at her, even though she doesn't do anything ridiculous, forces Emi to think she is a fool, but it isn't so. Inside of that active and stubborn personality, there is a soft and innocent nature.



Cure Effect




Character Songs



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