Mana Cannot Sing Lullabies?! is a bonus short story to Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Ashita no Tomodachi.


Mana introduces a baby mascot, Ai, to Cherry, who begins to notice she tears. Mana realizes Ai is crying, and Rikka rushes over. She volunteers to calm her down, but Cherry asks her to let Mana do it.

Mana appreciates Cherry's words, but Rikka covers her ears. Cherry wonders what's wrong, and Mana starts horribly singing a lullaby. Cherry learns Mana isn't a good singer, and Rikka thinks she should've warned her.

Main Characters

  • Aida Mana
  • Hishikawa Rikka
  • Hanasaki Cherry

Dialogue (will add more later)

Mana: So, Cherry, this is the new baby mascot, Ai.
Cherry: She's so cute! It's like I could just hug her!
Mana: I know!
Cherry: Ai, are you starting to cry?
Ai starts crying
Mana+Cherry: Ai, calm down! Please!
Rikka: What's the yelling about?
Mana: It's Ai! She's crying loudly!
Rikka: I'll sing her a lullaby then. Leave it to...
Cherry: Wait, Rikka! I think Mana should sing. Don't you think?
Rikka: Oh, boy...
Cherry: Is there something wrong?
Mana: Thanks, Cherry! Let me handle it!
Rikka+Cherry: STOP IT, MANA!
Mana: I'm so sorry! I tried to do my best!
Rikka: Cherry, I think I should've warned you about Mana's singing...
Cherry: Yeah, my ears are bursting because of it.


  • The story was created BEFORE Madoka Aguri/Cure Ace existed.

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