Maiko Ichigo Cure Amore

Maiko Ichigo is main Cure from Light Pretty Cure fanmade series by Moonlight True.


Before she became Pretty Cure

Ichigo always loved strawberry cakes. She was always friend with Sakura, their mothers were very good friends too. In Middle school Ichigo had a lot of friends and she always helped everyone.

After she became Pretty Cure

She became Pretty Cure after she saved Berry from Darkaninna. After this she had even more friends, she became very good friend with Maya, Tomoyo and Hotaru. 


Ichigo has brown hair and blue eyes. In her Cure form, her hair became longer and blonde. She wears pink dress in two parts and pink shoes.


Berry - Berry is Ichigo's partner. They usually gets along but they also often fight about strawberry cakes and other food.

Harukaze Sakura - Sakura is Ichigo's childhood friend. They often spend time together and know a lot about each other.

Berry Maya - Before she became Pretty Cure, Sakura didn't talk to Maya a lot. When she became Pretty Cure, they became very good friends. 

Shirabe Tomoyo - At the beginig of series she didn't knew a lot about her, because she was older, popular shool girl. When she joined the team she started to became friends with her.

Taite Hotaru - When she met Hotaru she was mysterius but they soon became friends. They became even better friendswhen Hotaru became Pretty Cure.

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