Personal Information
Home PlaceFantasy Dream Land
Theme Colorpurple (Hartle)
green (Sweetle)
white (Mintle)
blue (Beatle)
light blue (Veritle)
yellow (Faithle)
pink (Trustle)
red (Unitle)
Anime Information
SeasonTrue Fairy♥Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceTFPC01

The Magicals are eight little creatures from True Fairy♥Pretty Cure!. They are from Fantasy Dream Land. Each of them has their own powers and are related to one of the Cures. The Cures need them to transform.


Abilities and Powers

Some of Magicals give the girls the power to transform into Pretty Cure. The other of them are needed for attacks. Every Cure has two Magicals, which lend her their powers.

Magical & Cure

Hartle & VeritleYoseikyoi Mao
Sweetle & FaithleShinzuru Saki
Mintle & TrustleIkkakujuai Sakura
Beatle & UnitleTenbakumi Mio

Known Magicals

Name Ability
Hartle Transformation into Cure Fairy.
Sweetle Transformation into Cure Nymph.
Mintle Transformation into Cure Unicorn.
Beatle Transformation into Cure Peagus.
Veritle Gives Cure Fairy the UltraFairy Sword.
Allows Cure Fairy to perform Ultra Fairy Change.
Faithle Gives Cure Nymph the UltraNymph Rod.
Allows Cure Nymph to perform Ultra Nymph Change.
Trustle Gives Cure Unicorn the UltraUnicorn Bow.
Allows Cure Unicorn to perform Ultra Unicorn Charge.
Unitle Gives Cure Pegasus the UltraPegasus Arrow.
Allows Cure Pegasus to perform Ultra Pegasus Magic.


  • The Magicals are very similar to the Fairy Tones from Suite Pretty Cure♪


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