Magical Time Pretty Cure
マジカル タイム プリキュア
Majikaru Taimu Purikyua
General Information
DirectorCureKanade & Emma-chi
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunMarch 2014
EpisodesAround 49 Episodes
Opening SongGive Me Magic! Pretty Cure
Series Info
Magical Time Pretty Cure (マジカル タイム プリキュア Majikari Taimu Purikyua) is a fanseries created by CureKanade and Emma-chi. The series is to air around March, 2014 and the character designs will be up soon. The themes for the show are hobbies and friendship.


Magical Time Pretty Cure Episodes


Pretty Cure

Hatsune Uta (初音 うた  Hatsune Uta)/ Cure Singer (キュア シンガー Kyua Shingā)
Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki
She is a kind, friendly fifteen year old girl who is in her third year of middle school. She loves to sing and plays the flute. She writes her own music and her family is rich. People view her as a mean, snobby person, but is in fact the opposite of that. As Cure Singer, her theme colour is pink and white and her powers represent music.

Hasegawa Ryoko (長谷川  りょうこ Hatsugawa Ryoko)/ Cure Active (キュア アクティブ Kyua Akutibu)
Voice Actor: Asami Shimoda
She is a lively, sporty girl who has been playing soccer since she was in kindergarden. She is fifteen years old and loves feeling the sun's rays on her skin. She lives in an average family and is extremely popular with both boys and girls at school. As Cure Active, her theme colour is green and her powers represent sports.

Akida Kanami (秋田 かなみ Akida Kanami)/ Cure Cherry' (キュア チェリー Kyua Cherī)
Voice Actor: Mika Chikayama
Kanami is an orphan who loves to make sweets for her baby stepsisters. She is very shy at school but is very smart. She is in the first year of middle school at the age of thirteen. As Cure Cherry, her theme colour is red.

Hoshikawa Sumire (星川 すみれ Hoshikawa Sumire)/ Cure Glitter (キュア グリッタ Kyua Guritta)
Voice Actor: Haruna Natsumaki
Sumire is a mysterious girl from Paris, who loves art. Her secret identity is a villain, and is trying to trick the Cures that she is a nice person so they are unable to fight her when they do find out. She becomes a Cure later on. As Cure Glitter, her theme colour is purple.

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