'Magical Friendship Pretty Cure!'
Majikaru Furendoshippu Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorPiNkiE MeLoDy
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 5, 2014 - January 11, 2015
Episodes47 episodes
Opening SongHappy Together! Magical Friendship Pretty Cure!
Ending SongFriends Forever! (ep. 1-24)

Subete no Henkouten! (ep. 25-47)

Series Info
Magical Friendship Pretty Cure! (マジカルフレンドシッププリキュア! Majikaru Furendoshippu Purikyua!?) is PiNkiE MeLoDy's first fan series. It is mainly based on "friendship" theme.


Kasumi Hanabi was always a quiet and lonely teenager, but everything changes when she moves to Yuujou Town and befriends with five different girls. Together they must save Equestria from the evil Dark Moonny.


Pretty Cure

Kasumi Hanabi (花火 かすみ Hanabi Kasumi?)/ Cure Twilight (キュアトワイライト Kyua Towairaito?) - Kasumi is an intelligent girl who likes reading fantasy books. She used to be always lonely, because she thought friends were useless. But now Kasumi wants to change herself and learn what the true friendship means. She transforms into Cure Twilight and represents magic.

Ringo Akiyama (秋山 りんご Akiyama Ringo?)/ Cure Apple (キュアアップル Kyua Appuru?) - Ringo is a strong and tomboyish big sister type who is very responsive and hard-working. Her favorite fruits are apples and she likes to eat them and to cook various apple pies, cupcakes and other desserts. She transforms into Cure Apple and represents honesty.

Houseki Koukana (高価な 宝石 Kōkana Hōseki?)/ Cure Jewel (キュアジュエル Kyua Jueru?) -  Houseki is an elegant and fashionable girl who likes everything beautiful. She enjoys shopping and aspires to be a fashion designer. She transforms into Cure Jewel and represents generosity.

Chou Sorano (空の チョウ Sorano Chou?)/ Cure Butterfly (キュアバタフライ Batafurai?) - Chou is shy and timid, but very kind and soft-hearted to others. She is a quet and caring girl, who loves animals. She transforms into Cure Butterfly and represents kindness.

Nanatsu Nijise (虹瀬 七つ Nijise Nanatsu?)/ Cure Rainbow (キュアレインボー Kyua Reinbō?) - Nanatsu is a loud and self-confident, but sometimes too boasty and even lazy girl, who is very fast and is a good runner. She transforms into Cure Rainbow and represents loyalty.

Pink Momomiya (桃宮 ピンク Momomiya Pinku?)/ Cure Sweets (キュアスウィーツ Kyua Suu~ītsu?) - Pink is a hyper, funny and cheerful girl who likes parties. She eats a lot of sweets and is fond of making others laugh and smile. She transforms into Cure Sweets and represents laughter.


Spark (スパーク Supāku?) - Spark is a dragon-like funny and cheerful mascot. He is Kasumi's best friend and falls in love with Houseki.


Dark Moony (ダークムーニー Dāku Mūnī?) - Dark Moony is the main villain in Magical Friendship Pretty Cure!. She is Queen Selene's younger sister, who, however, became evil.


Magic Crystal (マジッククリスタル Majikku Kurisutaru?) - Magic Crystal is the Cures transformation device.


Yuujou Town (友情タウン Yūjō Taun?) - Yuujou Town is the town where the Cures live.

Equestria - Equstria is the kingdom where Spark comes from and is ruled by Queen Selene.