Magic Rupee

The Magicalubis (マジッカルビィ Majikkarubyi?) are tiny, pin-like decorations that the Cures of Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure use in order to attack and transform. The Magicalubis appear in episode 01 for the first time and each Lubi holds a different power, which the Cures can use during the season.

List of Magicalubis

Episode# Image Power/Ability
Episode 1
Crescent Rupee
Allows Mizuki to transform to Cure Crescent
Episode 1
Sweet Rupee
Allows Kanon to transform to Cure Sweet
Episode 1
Grace Rupee
Allows Selene to transform to Cure Grace
Episode 1
Star Rupee
Allows Hina to transform to Cure Star
Episode 1
Shine Rupee
Allows Natsuki to transform to Cure Shine
Episode Holy Rupee



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