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This is the 4th fanseries by CureSailorMoon1617.

The series genres are Magical Girl, Music, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, and Mystery.  The series themes are Magic, Hearts, Stars, Rainbows, Love, Friendship, and Wish Fulfilment.


When 4 girls become Pretty Cures they must compete for the throne of a magical kingdom and fight the forces of a great evil.


Pretty Cures

  • Usako Momoko
  • Ako Sari
  • Lala Moon
  • Meimi Maron
  • Cure Warrior
  • Cure Witch
  • Cure Idol
  • Cure Kaito
  • Queen Light
  • Pink Love Charm
Usako Momoko / Cure Warrior

She is a sweet and smart but very brave young girl.  She has great sence of justice and will do anything to protect the innocent.  She loves being a Pretty Cure and introduces herself as, "The Magical Girl Warrior of Pretty Cure, Cure Warrior!".

Ako Sari / Cure Witch

She is a creative and energetic but very helpful young girl.  She is great at art and is always there to help someone in need.  She is ok with being a Pretty Cure and introduces herself as, "The Cute Witch of Pretty Cure, Cure Witch".

Lala Moon / Cure Idol

She is a mature and kind young girl who is scary when angry.  She is a very talented singer and can play almost any intsurament.  She is not happy very heppy about being a Pretty Cure and introduces herself as, "The Magical Idol Singer of Pretty Cure, Cure Idol".

Meimi Maron / Cure Kaito

She is a serious and strong but lonely young girl.  She is great at gymnastic and fantastic at magic tricks.  She is very distant from other people at school.  She does noy want to be a Pretty Cure and introduces herself as, "The Phantom Theif of Pretty Cure, Cure Kaito".


Other Characters

Queen Light - The queen of the Magical Kingdom who must crown a queen within one year or else she will die.  She is a wise and compassanate ruler of her people.seri

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