Kokoro Madosaki
Madosaki Kokoro
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Magenta (Kokoro)

Pink (Cure Miracle)

Eye ColorViolet-red
Alter EgoCure Miracle
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonLovely M@gic Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLMPC01
Kokoro Madosaki (魔導咲 こころ Madosaki Kokoro?)is the main character and the leader of Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure!. Though sly and a bit cheeky, Kokoro is a responsible and courageous leader of the team. In secret from everyone else Kokoro is a fan of magic and all that is connected with it. But after her secret finally was exposed, Kokoro starts leading Magic Club in her school. Her catchphrase is "Just a Bit of Magic!" (魔法の少しだけ! Mahō no Sukoshidake!) and she has a habit of repeating her own words. Her alter ego is Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル Kyua Mirakuru?).


Kokoro has violet-red eyes with a pair of big round glasses and a dark magenta hair, which is tied up into couple of rose-shaped buns and sticking twintails. Her casual outfit consists of light lilac jacket with a hood and a pattern of magenta heart on the left side of it, pink skirt, black leggings and grey boots.

As Cure Miracle, her hair grows to knee-length twintails and changes its colour to pink, while her eyes keep the civilian appearence's colour.


Kokoro is the president of Kisekigama Academy's magic club, who doesn't remind on an ordinary girl and often frightens because of seeming strange and sly. She has a huge interest in magic and she always had a great talent in gymnastics, however noticed it not very long time ago. Out of all Lovely M@gic! Cures Kokoro is the most serious about her mision as a Pretty Cure, but also tends to have a game with their enemies.



Cure Miracle

"Magic that opens your heart, Cure Miracle!"
"Anata no kokoro o hiraki mahō! Kyua Mirakuru!"

Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル Kyua Mirakuru?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Kokoro. She holds a power of inner magic. Her magical emblem is a pink heart with a dark pink ribbon on it and she transforms by shouting out "Pretty Cure Magical Make Up!".


Miracle Blast (ミラクルブラスト Mirakuru Burasuto?)

Heartful Shower (ハートフルシャワー Hātofuru Shawā?)

Character Songs

  • Real Miracle!
  • Maho no yona Heart



Madosaki (魔導咲): Mado (魔導) means "sorcery", referring to her magic fanaticism, and saki (崎) means "peninsula", a part which was only added to make Madosaki sound like an actual surname.

Kokoro (こころ): Kokoro means "heart", referring to her inner magic powers and to her magical emblem.

Her name means "heart of the sorcery peninsula".


  • Madosaki Kokoro is similar to Hanasaki Tsubomi:
    • Both have pink as their theme color and are the team leaders.
    • Both have part "saki" in their last names (though spelled with different kanji).
    • Both wear glasses