Madoka Lean
Madoka Lean cure from

Madoka Lean cure from

Madoka Lean
Personal Information
Hair ColorRed (Lean) Red(Cure Clover)
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceLucky Town
RelativesMadoka Miyu (older sister) , Madoka Erio (older brother) , Madoka Sadako (Grandmother) , Madoka Eri (Mother), Madoka Naoto (father, deceased)
Anime Information
First AppearanceLPC01

Madoka Lean- is one of main character of Lucky Pretty Cure! fan series. Leann is the leader of this cures Team. Lean alter ego is cure clover


She is a bright, lively, cheerful, and friendly girl. Lean also good at sport and study, just like Mana Aida from Doki Doki Precure.


Lean have a short red hair , and red eyes color.


Yoyogi Umi- her bestfriend since childhood.

Kadenokooji Cecilia-

Lee Kaname- a famous singer in Lucky Town, Lean is aims her.

Scarlet Yume- she and Lean are friend, Yume have amnesia and she life at Yume house and help Lean work at Inn.

Mofufu- The cures partner, she is more like a white bird, Now Mofufu also life at Lean house.

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