I have to cook for the school council!? Seriously!? I can't cook! (私は、学校評議ため料理をする必要!?マジで!?私は料理ができない! Watashi wa, gako hyogi tame ryori o suru hitsuyo!? Majide!? Watashi wa ryori ga dekinai!?) is the fourth episode of  Techieberry38's Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. The villain, still, is Lord Sadness.


Umeki, Michiko and a few other select students are randomly chosen to cook for the school council dinner and dessert. Unfortunatly, Umeki and Michiko have been chosen as head chefs but neither girl has any cooking experience besides knowing how to cook takoyaki and how to bake a lemon merengue pie. The fact that this will be a feast has the girls trembling all the way to math class. Difficult algebra questions and nervousness torture Umeki and Michiko until the sakura petal like things swirl past the window and everyone falls asleep on the sound wave like beds . The cures run out the doors to see a Lord Sadness smirking at the girls and saying with pride that sorrow will take over that afternoon. Umeki and Michiko transform into Cure Diamond and Cure Ruby. Lord Sadness sends out a despairian in the form of a piece of chalk that was laying on the ground. The cures fight the monster and Cure Diamond purifies the chalk Despairian with Diamond Vertical Ring. It's time to cook! The girls run to the kitchen to start cooking. Michiko and Umeki are no longer worried as Dia told them their Cure Sparklers will give them the food they need, although they still cook what they can cook. The school council feast is a success and the cures happily go home, exhausted but full of news for their families.

Debuting characters

  • Taira Misao
  • Taira Dachi
  • Taira Kouta
  • Watari Mitsu
  • Watari Jurou

Major events

  • The food function of the Cure Sparkler debuts.
  • Umeki and Michiko's parents debut.


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