My new friend is popular! She's also the next Pretty Cure!!! (私の新しい友人が人気です!彼女はまた、次のプリキュアです! Watashi no atarashii yuujin ga ninkidesu! Kanojo wa mata, - ji no purikyuadesu! ?)is the third episode of Techieberry38's Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. The villain is Lord Sadness.


It`s time for science class! Umeki is walking to the laboratory when she bumps into Michiko, a popular girl at school. There, their friendship starts and the girls resume their classes. When the bell rings for lunch, Umeki and Michiko head outside and eat their sandwiches and miso soup . The girls are just starting dessert when Lord Sadness appears and the cherry blossom petal like things put everyone asleep again. Everyone, but Michiko and Umeki. Umeki transforms into Cure Diamond, but fails to defeat the despairian, this time a chocolate bar. Michiko tries her best to save her friend by stoning the despairian with small smooth rocks. Dia spots Michiko`s passion to protect her friend and hands her a Cure Sparkler. Michiko becomes Cure Ruby for the first time, and purifies the monster with Ruby Slash. Umeki explains a pretty cure's role to Michiko over cupcakes.

Debuting Characters

Major Events

  • Cure Ruby transforms for the first time!
  • Michiko debuts.


  • This is the first of the newer seasons (Heartcatch-Dokidoki) to have the second Cure member appear in the third episode and not the second.

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