Watashi Wa Masukotto o Motte Ori, Kanojo no Namae wa Daiya desu! Anata wa Mada Shitto Shitte Iru?(マスコットを持っており、彼女の名前はダイヤです!あなたはまだ嫉妬している? translation: I have a mascot and her name is Dia! Are you Jealous Yet?) is the second episode of fanseries Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure.


Umeki is reading in her room when a blast of light fills her room, and leaves Dia, a bunny, on Umeki`s bed. Dia tells Umeki her role and story as pretty cure, confusing and fascinating Umeki. Umeki decides to take Dia as her own, and tells her mother, who was planning to get her a bunny for her winning the Speech Contest last year anyways. Dia and Umeki go out for a walk, skipping happily on the path until Lord Sadness comes up and creates a despairian out of a roller skate. Umeki transforms and purifies the monster of the day with Diamond Vertical Ring.

Debuting Characters

  • Dia

Major Events

  • Dia makes her debut.
  • The plot is explained.


  • This is the first series to have the main mascot appears first in the second episode .