A charity event! Rubbish bin of spoilage🌸(チャリティーイベント!損なうのゴミ箱🌸,Charitīibento! Sokonau no gomibako🌸) Is the 3rd episode of the season MoodFlower PreCure🌸


Now Knowing their mission Nao & Rin decide to be kind & go to a Charity Event,but after the Vampire Alaric comes, the rubbish turns into a monster & the Legendary Pretty Cure have to fix everything again.


The episode begins with the Alaric having a discussion with his servant, who explains that he is trying to get the energy from the Pretty Cure's Mood Seeds. Alaric strikes with a flash of lighting, stating that Sasonica can easily be replaced and that she better remember this, making Sasonica promise that she will not fail next time.

Meanwhile in school Mulling over yesterdays eventsNao wonders if it was all a dream. But she gets awoken by Rin who tells her that a Charity Event will be in the park after school. She asks her if they can go together there because they are now Pretty Cure. They Go Together after school but before they could do something friendly one of Alaric's servant Sasonica & turns the Rubbish into A Monster With the Help of the Devlish Butterfly and the feelings of an little boy who wants to be like his big brother but can't..

The Pretty Cures Transform & start to fight against the Monster but after a minute the Monster starts to attack Bibble and wants to kidnap her but Courage & Hope become angry and say that Bibble means to them something really important. They Start to get an Power Up Aura & Use Their Angry Mood Seeds to do Shining Meteor & Sealed Star they're solo Attacks & the Monster Disappears. They are Happy & are about to attack Sasonica but she says that she will return & disappears.

The Girls tell the little by that he became Unconsious & that everything will be ok. After that they start to go home before doing something friendly & Bibble tells them they have a lot to make clean in the Park. They yell & the Episode ends.


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Major Events

  • The Devlish Butterfly appears for the first time & transforms the rubbish into a big monster with the help of the sad heart of a young boy.
  • Alaric returns & sends his servant Sasonica.
  • The Basis of the Shadow Players is shown.
  • Sasonica makes her debut
  • Cure Courage's solo attack Shining Meteor is shown.
  • Cure Hope's solo attack Sealed Star is shown.

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