MARs Precure! ( MARはプリキュア!  Meru wa Purikyua! ) is one of Cure48 fan series, the theme is about ice skating , music, and human emotion. What happens when MARs member become precure? Well, read my fan series!

MARs Precure!
Meru Wa purikyua!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Episodes35 episodes
Opening SongMARs - Que Sera! (Episode 1-35)
Ending SongMARs - You May Dream (Episode 1 - 35)
Series Info
PredecessorSport Precure!
SuccessorTristar Precure!


At the night a young girl named Harune Aira wakes up, looks at her alarm clock, that is says it's already  8am, but why is the sky still dark? Harune's family is still sleeping except Aira. Aira trys calling Rizumu, Mion and the others but no one answers. For 30 minutes, Aira sees a mysterious monster appear, and attackes her but Aira was rescued by a mascot named Runi. Then Runi gives Aira a transfromation device to transform into Cure Fashion to save the world from a long night. Joined by Cure Dance and Cure Sing, they together save he world from Nightmare.


Pretty Cure

Harune Aira- She is one of the main characters of this fan series. Aira is a clumsy girl, she has best friends named Amamiya Rizumu and Takamine Mion. Her alter ego is Cure Fashion.

Amamiya Rizumu- She is one of the main characters of this fan series. Rizumu is very good at dancing. Her best friends are Harune Aira and Takamine Mion. Her alter ego is Cure Dance.

Takamine Mion- She is one of the main charactes of this fan series. Mion is a popular prism star. She is very good at singing. Her alter ego is Cure Sing.

Starlight Town

Runi- She is the main mascot of this fan series.

Hime sama- She is the princess of Starlight Town.

Ouji sama- He is the prince of Starlight Town.


Nightmare trio :

Kurai- She is the first enemy to appear and to attack the cures.

Yurika- She is the second enemy to appear and to attack the cures.

Hanny- She is the last enemy to appear and attack to the cures.

In this fan series it also has dark cures, they are :

  • Dark Fashion
  • Dark Dance
  • Dark Sing

Susume- She is the leader of Nightmare, her true self is a monster.

A Long Night- A monster from Nightmare.


  • MARs is a name of a Pretty Cure member
  • Pretty Cure names are taken from the anime Pretty Rhythm.


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