Lucky Pretty Cure! (ラッキープリキュア! Rakkī purikyua! )is one of Cure48's fan series. The theme is luck and card suits.

Lucky Pretty Cure!
Rakkī purikyua!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunOngoing
Opening SongUe Kara Lucky Pretty Cure!
Ending SongBoy Meets Girl
Series Info
PredecessorSuite Pretty Cure♪‎ New Generation
SuccessorPretty Cure Academy


Lucky Pretty Cure! episodes


Madoka Lean - she is the lead cure of this fan series. She is a bright, lively, cheerful, and friendly girl. Lean very good at sport and study. She have a bestfriend named Yoyogi Umi. Her Ego is cure clover, her family is open a inn the title is Madoka Inn.

Yoyogi Umi- she is one of main character of this fan series. Unlike Lean she doesn't good at all expect tailor, drawing, and dance. umi also people who have the lowest test scores in the school, she become cure water in episode 2 beacuse she want to project Lean.

Kadenokooji Cecilia- she is one of main character of this fan series, Cecilia very good at study and cooking. She is the mature member of ths cure team. She have two younger brother, and one older sister but already get merried. her ego is cure sunflower.

Lee Kaname- She is one of main character of this fan series. kaname is a famous singer at Lucky Town. Kaname become cure idol at episode 4. She have a older brother named Lee Sora.

Scarlet Yume- she is one of main character of this fan series, unlike all cures she appear later in this series. She is a mysterious girl, howevery she can't remember her real name beacuse she have amnesia. Then, because her hair bright red and have a powerful dream to meet her real family and her real name Lean give her name Scarlet Yume. yume now life at Lean house. She help Lean working at Inn, she become cure dream in episode 20.

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