Lucky Charger (ラッキーチャージャー Rakkī Chājā?) is a phone-like device used by the Cures in Happy Days Pretty Cure! for the transformation, communications and, later, attacks.


Lucky Charger looks like a light purple phone with a violet-red framed screen and a narrow drive on the top of the device. There are pink buttons below the screen and a magenta bow above which has a heart on it. The heart's color depends on the respective Cure's theme color.


Lucky Charger is powered by the Lucky Cards that the Cures insert into the drive. To transform, the girls shout out "Day Card Set! Pretty Cure! Day Start!" and than press some buttons and the biggest button is pressed three times.

The girls also use Lucky Charger as a cell phone that can show their faces to the interlocutor, so they can easily communicate with each other.


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