Watashi wa hana ga daisuki! Kyua Furawā tanjō!
Lifestyle Pretty Cure! episode 1
"I love flowers! Cure Flower born!"
Air date February 9th, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Go! Go! Seven Prismatic Colors!
Ending Yay! Happiness Life!
Directed by CureMajesty
Written by CureMajesty

"Watashi wa hana ga daisuki! Kyua Furawā tanjō!" (私は花が大好き!キュアフラワー誕生!I love flowers! Cure Flower born!is the 1st episode of Lifestyle Pretty Cure! . This episode focuses Sakurada Nadeshiko  transforming into Cure Flower.


Whilst running to the first day of her new school, a mysterious pink touchscreen phone-like with a rainbow logo in the back, fell on Nadeshiko Sakurada's head. As Nadeshiko has trouble introducing herself to the class, her classmate, Natsumi Hiwatari, helps her to break the ice. As Nadeshiko found beautiful flower beds in the school, she met a white rabbit plushie-like which later reveal itself as Nijika, a fairy from Rainbow Kingdom. Not long after that, a handsome teenager appear before Nadeshiko, and told her to return Nijika to him. He reveal himself as Suoh. Nadeshiko, which has a bad presence to him, refuse to giving Nijika to him. Later, Suoh mad and summoned a monster called Noir, to attack Nijika and Nadeshiko as well. Nadeshiko, with Nijika in her arms, ran away from Noir. However, the mysterious phone that Nadeshiko found, fell from her bag and Nijika said it is a transformation device for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure!

Major Events

  • Nadeshiko meets Nijika and befriend her
  • Nadeshiko become Cure Flower for the first time
  • Suoh makes his first appearance
  • Flower Petals Shower used for the first time





  • Nijika


  • Suoh
  • Noir

Secondary Characters

  • Nijiiro Class 2-5's homeroom teacher
  • Nijiiro Class 2-5

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