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Lovely Color Wave (ラブリーカラーウェーブ Raburī Karā U~ēbu?) is Cure Heather and Cure Lavender's first attack. The attack made its debut in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. To use this attack, the Cures need the Color Palette.


First, Pink rises her arms to the sky shouting: "The star of the night!" And Purple shouts: "Grant Pretty Cure the Color Palette!" Then the Color Palette appeares and Heather and Lavender grab it. The girls activate it by pressing the pink and purple buttons at the side. Then the four stars shine and the Cures shout: "The star of Love and the Star of Dreams!" Then the Heaven Crystal-like crystal starts glowing and the Cures shout: "Pretty Cure! Lovely Color Wave!" Then they rise the Palette to the sky, holding it over their heads, releasing a big pink and purple stream towards the monster, which is then purified.



Pink: 夜の星よ!
Purple: 叶える、プリキュアのカラーパレット!

Cure Heather: 愛の星と
Cure Lavender: 夢の星!
Both: プリキュア!ラブリーカラーウェーブ!


Pink: Yoru no hoshi yo!
Purple: Kanaeru, purikyua no karāparetto!

Cure Heather: Ai no hoshi to
Cure Lavender: yume no hoshi!
Both: Purikyua! Raburī Karā U~ēbu!


Pink: The star of the night!
Purple: Grant the Pretty Cures the Color Palette!

Cure Heather: The star of dreams
Cure Lavender: and the star of love!
Both: Pretty Cure! Lovely Color Wave!



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