The Lovely Brooch (ラブリー ブローチ Raburī Burōchi) is a brooch-like device that allows Miyabi, Sachiko and Remi to transform into Pretty Cure. Miyabi had got her brooch given to her when Sachiko chose her to be her Pretty Cure partner and in Episode 26, she is taken to Sachiko’s parents, who tells her she will officially be able to keep the brooch so she can help their daughter fight Sorrow. Later in the series, we find out how Sachiko, Remi and Cure Heroine are granted their Lovely Brooches. To transform, the girls must press the rainbow button in the middle and shout the phrase "Pretty Cure Sparkling Power!", which starts their transformation.

Like the Cure Modules in Suite Pretty Cure, the girls use their brooches to use their attacks. For their group attacks, they use their Lovely Brooch to summon power. It is also used to tell the girls if the Yasha is stronger than usual and Cure Heroine uses her Lovely Brooch for all her attacks.


  • The Lovely Brooches are the third Brooch-Like Items existing in the Pretty Cure Universe. The first two being Shiny Luminous’ Heartiel Brooch and Suite Pretty Cure’s Cure Module.

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