This a list of episodes for Love Cards Pretty Cure!.

episode # Title Villain Air Date Main Events
01 Saigo no purikyua? Aikidō no tēmapāku e no ensoku!
"Last pretty cure? Field trip to Aikido theme park!"
Aiyoku 2015-02-01
  • Cure Spade appears for the first time.
  • Aiko appears for the first time.
Aiko is the bright and elegant student council secretary of Aikado Middle School and due to being the student council secretary and the student council president Kira being sick, she must make sure everyone behaves on the field trip to Aikido Park! But at the Aikido Theme Park, a monster appears before her class and she does everything she can to get them away, but is rescued by a mysterious purple warrior!
02 Ai ga afure! Kyua Hāto no suteppu!
愛があふれ!キュア ハートのステップ!
"Overflowing love! Cure Heart steps in!"
Aiyoku 2015-02-08
  • Aiko transforms into Cure Heart for the first time.
  • Cure Spade reveals she doesn't want to fight with a team.
Wanting to help the purple warrior, Aiko wishes to become a warrior like her and meets Rabu who transforms her into Cure Heart!. After helping the mysterious Cure, she finds out that the Cure doesn't want to team up with her...
03 Chie no Kyua Daiyamondo no kagayaku hikari!
"Cure Diamond's sparkling light of wisdom!"
Aiyoku 2015-02-15
  • Aiko is caught detranforming by Kira.
  • Kira transforms into Cure Diamond for the first time.
Kira witnesses Aiko being Cure Heart and tries to muster the strength to tell her about it but is too shy and ends up avoiding her. But when push comes to shove, Aiko tries to make Kira become the next Pretty Cure!
04 Shūto! Kyua Hāto to Daiyamondo ga tokutei sa reru!
"Shoot! Cure Heart and Diamond are identified!"
Aiyoku 2015-02-22
  • Aiko and Kira transform in front of a security camera resulting in Asa knowing about their secret.
  • Asa keeps their secret a secret and becomes an ally.
Thinking they could hide their identities as Pretty Cure from watching civilians, Aiko and Kira transform in front of a security camera. And when their childhood friend Asa approaches them with the footage, they begin to freak out. Will Aiko and Kira be able to stop Asa from revealing their secret to the world?
05 Doki Doki! Kurōbā no mayonaka no debyū o iyasu!
"Doki Doki! Healing Clover's midnight debut!"
Aiyoku 2015-03-01
  • Asa temporary becomes an assistant of Aiko and zKira but later becomes Cure Clover.
Asa promises to keep Pretty Cure a secret and says in return, she wants to be their assistant. She meets Aiyoku and falls for her trap and is held captured to lure in Aiko and Kira. But when will happen if she becomes a Pretty Cure also?
06 Amarini mo ōku no fanretā! Aiko no panikku!
あまりにも多くのファンレター!愛子の パニック!
"Too much fan letters! Aiko panic!"
Ankoku 2015-03-08
  • Aiko's confession of why boys like her so much is revealed.
Aiko goes to school and opens her locker to find a heaps of letters fall out to her feet. With the help of Kira and Asa, Aiko tries her best to tell the boys giving her the fan letters to back off...
07 Kyua Supēdo ga kaettekita! Chīmu ni sanka shite kudasai.
"Cure Spade is back! Please join the team."
Ankoku 2015-03-15
  • Aiko decides to make Cure Spade join the team.
  • The girls are sent tumbling into a portal.
Cure Spade is seen battling a Painful on TV and Aiko tells the others that they should try to make her join the team. Not wanting to be pushy, Kira stays behind the others as they confront Cure Spade to join them, but are told to give up on being Pretty Cure and to leave her alone. As Cure Spade walks away, a portal appears below and the four girls are sent tumbling into darkness.
08 Ai no ōkoku no tatakai!
"Battle in Ai Kingdom!"
Donnouso 2015-03-22
  • Aiko, Kira and Asa find out more about the defeat of Ai Kingdom.
Aiko, Kira and Asa find themself in Ai Kingdom and see Cure Spade walking off towards to a dark shadow. Thinking they could help her, they go after her, but end up causing chaos when Donnouso appears.
09 Kyua Supēdo no aidentiti ga Maki aidorudesu!
"Cure Spade's identity is Maki the idol!"
Ankoku 2015-03-29
  • Kira feels down and wonders if she should have even been a pretty Cure in the first place.
  • Maki asks Kira to become her Pretty Cure partner, spoling her identity in the process.
After the previous fight, Kira is feeling down wishing she could have helped the others a bit more. When she bumps into Maki, she is asked to be her Pretty Cure partner, causing Kira to fall into shock. Will Kira join Maki and leave Aiko and Asa behind?
10 Maki wa watashinoie de ryōri bangumi o yatte iru!
"Maki is doing a cooking show at my house!"
Ankoku 2015-04-05
  • Maki does a cooking show at Aiko's house.
  • Maki isn't very good at cooking and ends causing a disaster.
Maki walks up to Aiko and the others and says she'll be doing a cooking show at Aiko's house, causing Aiko and Rika to try and make Aiko's house as nice as possible. When Maki appears at Aiko's house, Maki isn't as talented as she seems.
11 Maki wa watashitachi no gakkō ni tensō!
"Maki transfers to our school!"
Ankoku 2015-04-12
  • Maki transfers to Aiko and Kira's school but realise she has a huge fan base.
Asa tells Maki that if she is going to live on Earth, then she should go to school. Maki agrees and decides to attend the same school as Aiko and Kira. But when she transfers into the school, she finds out that she has a very big fan base.
12 Kira no shitto.
"Kira's Jealousy."
Donnouso 2015-04-19
  • Kira becomes jealous of Maki for how easily she can attract Aiko.
  • Aiko finds out about Kira's jealousy and tries to reason with her.
Kira gets jealous about how much Aiko is spending time with Maki. Kira starts to think that Aiko is beginning to hate her and confesses her feeling towards Asa. But little did she know, Aiko had heard everything.
13 Shinpi-tekina 6-sai no on'nanoko ga hyōji sa remasu.
"Mysterious six year old girl appears."
Ankoku 2015-04-26
  • Aida makes her appearance.
Aiko and Kira go shopping one day when they find a six year old girl wandering around lost. When they go up to her, she runs to Aiko and clings to her. When they leave her, the six year old follows them around like a lost puppy. How are they going to get rid of her?
14 Aīda-chan ga chūgaku ni iku!?
"Aida-chan goes to middle school!?"
Aiyoku 2015-05-03
  • Aida goes to school but ends up causing a lot of chaos.
Afraid to leave Aida at Aiko's place while they go to school, Kira, Maki and Aiko decide to take Aida to school with them, but Aida spreads a bit of chaos around the school.
15 Dengen atarashī! Aīda-chan o mamore!
"New power! Protect Aida-chan!"


  • The girls are granted a new attack named "Royale Card Swipe!" to protect Aida.
Aiyoku and Ankoku become interested in Aida and decide to try and kidnap her. But when they try to, the Pretty Cure are rewarded a new power that helps them protect Aida.
16 Asa no gakkō de atarashī tenkōsei!
"New transfer student at Asa's school!"


  • Ayame makes her appearance.
Asa goes to school one day and notices a girl wandering around lost. Asa helps her and when classes start, Asa is shocked to find out that she is in the same class. The new girl Ayame becomes Asa's friend but is suddenly attacked by Aiyoku and Ankoku.
17 Nazo no purikyua arawaru!
"A mysterious Pretty Cure appears!"
Aiyoku 2015-05-24
  • Crown Joker arrives for the first time.
  • The girls wonder if she is an enemy or friend.
Following episode 16, the girls are in a big pinch when a mysterious appears and introduces herself as Crown Joker after rescuing them. Is she a friend or enemy?
18 Aīda-chan no sewa suru koto wa yōide wa arimasen....
"Looking after Aida-chan isn't easy...."
Ankoku 2015-05-31
  • The girls realise that raising Aida isn't so easy...
When Aiko and the others were sitting in the park trying to get to know Aida, Aida gets upset and begins a tantrum. The girls than take turns looking after Aida, but they find out out it isn't easy.
19 Watashi ga purikyua ni henkan suru koto wa dekimasen!
"I can't transform in pretty cure!"


  • Aiko can't transform into a Pretty Cure.
On the way to school, Aiko uses her Lovely Phone a lot to save a cat from falling off a tree and numerous of things that don't need her to be transformed. When Donnouso, Aiyoku and Ankoku arrives, Aiko realises that she can't transform. What has happened?
20 Aīda-chan ga yūkai sa reru!
"Aida-chan is kidnapped!"
Donnouso 2015-06-14
  • Aida is kidnapped.
The girls were just going about a normal day when Aida-chan is kidnapped by Donnouso? How will the girls rescue Aida-chan?
21 Kuraunjōkā ga akiraka ni sa rete!
"Crown Joker is revealed!"
  • Aida is rescued but are rescued by Crown Joker soon after.
  • Ayame takes the place of Crown Joker when they arrive back on Earth.
The girls sucessfully rescue Aida-chan, but when trying to get out of Donnouso's lair, Aiyoku and Ankoku turn up. When the girls are rescued by Crown Joker, they find themselves back on Earth with Ayame standing in front of them.
22 Makichan no osananajimi wa Ayame-chandesu!?
"Maki-chan's childhood friend is Ayame-chan!?"
Aiyoku 2015-06-28
  • Ayame is revealed to be Crown Joker and the other protector of Ai Kingdom.
  • The girls are shocked that Ayame is Crown Joker, but Maki is even more shocked when Ayame reveals that she was also the other protector of Ai.
23 Maki no konsāto. No go kibō no aidoru o hogo shimashou!
"Maki's concert. Let's protect the idol of hope!"
Donnouso 2015-07-05
  • Donnouso crashes Maki's concert.
Maki has a concert coming up and Aiko, Kira, Asa and Ayame swear to Maki that they will protect her concert and make it a success. But when Donnouso appears, can the girls do what they promised or does Maki have to come and help?
24 8-Sai made toshi aīda-chan!?
"Aida-chan aged to eight years old! ?"
Ankoku 2015-07-12
  • Aida ages to eight years old.
One day, Aiko wakes up and finds Aida-chan sleeping but with a huge difference. She has aged! What is going on?
25 Ai no ōkoku e no betsu no tabi? Aīda-chan no shōtai ga akiraka ni sa rete imasu.
"Another trip to Ai Kingdom? Aida-chan's identity is revealed."


  • Aida true identity is revealed.
The girls take a trip to Ai Kingdom to find out why Aida-chan is aging.
26 Watashitachiha ohimesama ni naru koto ga dekimasu ka? Kira no yume wa kanau.
"We can become princesses? Kira's Dream comes true."
Aiyoku 2015-07-26
  • The girls stay in Ai Kingdom for a holiday.
  • Kira childhood dream to live like a princess comes true.
The girls decide to stay at Ai Kingdom for a holiday and Kira becomes excited because she has always wanted to live in a castle and be treated like a princess. But does Kira's dream come true in Ai Kingdom?
27 Happī Bāsudē Asa! Ai no ōkoku de pātī.
"Happy Birthday Asa! A party at Ai Kingdom."
Donnouso 2015-08-02
  • It's Asa's birthday.
Asa's birthday is coming up and Aiko tells Kira, Maki, Ayame and the people of Ai Kingdom that they should celebrate it. During the setting up of the Asa's birthday party, Asa becomes upset thinking everyone has forgotten her birthday.
28 Natsu matsuri! Aīda-chan, Maki-chan to Ayame-chan no hatsu no natsu.
"Summer festival! Aida-chan, Maki-chan and Ayame-chan's first summer."
Ankoku 2015-08-09
  • It is Maki, Ayame and Aida's first Summer Festival and the other girls swear to make their best one yet.
The girls are back on Earth and Maki, Ayame and Aida reveal they never been to a Summer festival. Aiko, Kira and Asa swear to make it the best memory yet.
29 Bīchi ni! Yaketsuku yōna atsusa no naka de oyoide!
"To the beach! Swimming in the scorching heat!"
Ankoku 2015-08-16
  • The girls go to the beach.
At Aiko's place, the girl decide to go to the beach due to how hot it is. Down at the beach, the girl have fun, but a bit of hate decides to ruin the fun.
30 Natsu no shukudai o! Dekirudakehayaku sore o shiage!
"Summer Homework! Finishing it as quickly as possible!"
Aiyoku 2015-08-23
  • Aiko hasn't finished her homework.
  • Aiko ends up just finishing it.
Aiko hasn't finished her homework and Asa and Kira decide to help her. But Aiko keeps trying to have fun. Will Asa and Kira be able to make her do her homework?
31 Aīda-chan pawā no himitsu! Raburī Kādo Chesuto ga tōjō!
"Secret behind Aida-chan powers! Lovely Card Chest appears!"
Donnouso 2015-08-30
  • Another secret of Aida is revealed.
  • Lovely Card Chest makes it first appearance.
Aida starts feeling a head ache and Aiko calls the girls into a meeting. Ayame than reveals he secrets she knows about Aida. During a fight against Donnouso, the girls are easily defeated when Aida begins to age and gives the girls a new item called the Lovely Card Chest.
32 Aīda-chan nenrei 12 made! Purikyua no atarashī chikara!
"Aida-chan ages to twelve! Pretty Cure's new power! "
Donnouso 2015-09-06
  • Aida ages to twelve.
  • Lovely Heart Explode is used for the first time.
Aida finishes her aging process and Donnouso has advanced on Aida, planning on destorying both Aida and the Lovely Card Chest. But the will to protect Aida grants the girls a group attack by the help of the Lovely Card Chest.
  • Ai Kingdom and Aikadou Town are now connected together because of a portal that Pain created.
  • Princess Aida goes back to ruling Ai Kingdom.

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